Your donation to Tillery Compassionate Care, large or small, makes possible our continuing commitment to terminally ill patients and their families. No one is turned away from Tillery Compassionate Care due to a lack of income or insurance.
As a nonprofit organization, we depend on your gifts to make this possible.

Tax-deductible charitable donations pay for services not covered by Medicare or insurance. We are grateful for the generous contributions we receive from individuals, corporations, community and church groups, foundations, bequests and memorials.

3 Ways to Give: 

1. Mail your gift to 960 North First Street; Albemarle, NC 28001

2. Call 704.983.4216 to use your credit card

3. Donate online by clicking the button below


Tips for making a donation:

Consider the amount of your gift:

  • No gift is too small; our organization depends on your gifts.
  • If you are making a donation in lieu of flowers, compare the cost of a sympathy plant or flower.

Include full information:

  • If possible, please send us information on where to send an acknowledgement of your gift. Providing the name and address of the next of kin is very helpful for our team and prevents miscommunication.



A CNA’s story: 

Crystal left her patient’s house and couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to act.

 As a Hospice Aide, Crystal had been providing care for a particular patient on a weekly basis for months. She had watched her take a sharp decline recently which resulted in daily visits. On this day, the patient wanted a cherry limeade. She talked about the cherry limeade during her bath, while she had her hair combed, and again while Crystal documented in the chart.

 When Crystal left the house, she took a quick detour to pick up a special treat. The family was emotional when she arrived for the second time that day with the cherry limeade that her patient craved.

 Who could have known that this would be the last thing she would eat or drink? She passed away 2 days later with her family at her side.

 “We make last wishes our priority,” said Crystal. “We only get one chance to do it right.”

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